Visualize future and success makes it a reality


I think word is getting out there that having a positive mind can achieve amazing results. This is equally as true for students. How can you as a student, or a parent, take advantage of this tool and apply it to school?

The first step is to discuss long term goals with your kids, or if you are a student, write down your goals for the next ten years. Then make a list of short term goals to achieve the main dream.

Now visualize that the short term goals have been met and then the longer term goals. Write down what you see and how you feel. This is a great exercise to do everyday, especially when you feel like slacking off or dejected from poor results from a test or assignment.  

Another time to do this is before a test. I believe you should never study on the day of the test. Rather, this time should be spent relaxing, eating well and staying positive. This means staying away from others who might ‘psych’ you out with their fears.

Now you could also add this visualization exercise on the day of the test. Simply take out a piece of paper, imagine your success on the test. Write down what you see in your mind and how you feel.

This forced positiveness has been shown to have real world results.

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